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tv   CBS 58 Morning News at 430am  CBS  October 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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now at 4:30---a 10-year-old boy on the ?autism spectrum?... is ?back home? after a ?terrifying night? alone in a cornfield. hear from the students who ?found him?... coming up. 3 d looking for a person who hit a motocyclist and took off... leaving him seriously hurt. 3 good morning's tuesday, october 4-th. i'm jessica tighe. tighe.and i'm kate chappell we're following a number of stories for you this morning... including, one of the strongest storms of the season -- barrelling toward the southern states are preparing for hurricane matthew as it moves through the carribean. carribean. here in southeastern wisconsin--- we're looking forward to a ?calm day? on tap. meteorologist "michael schlesinger" has your ?first? look at the forecast.
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today...partly sunny. areas of fog in the morning. highs in the upper 60s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. patchy fog after midnight. lows around 60. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .wednesday...mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light showers and thunderstorms. highs in the lower 70s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. a 30 percent chance of light rain showers 3
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percent. 3 3 new this morning--- one person is ?seriously hurt?... after a ?hit and run? in happened just before nine last night... on "west mitchell" and "north muskego avenue."police say... a man in his 20s was riding his motorcylce... when he went in the ?far right lane? to get around cars ... and ?stopped at a red light.?he was in the intersection... when a car hit him.police say... the driver stopped ?briefly?--- then ?left the scene.?the victim was ?not? wearin was taken to a hospital with ?serious injuries.?police are still searching for the suspect. a waukesha family is thankful to be waking up this morning... knowing their son is safe and sound at home. 10-year-old andrew (oohn-come)--- who's on the autism spectrum--- was found yesterday in a cornfield nearly 18 hours after he went m. missing.his family says they are relieved and grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who came out to help find him. him.39-45 "my first thought was i told the officer can you take a picture? who ever found him can you take a
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really grateful for everybody going out of their way and being very very supportive." supportive." two waukesha west high school students found andrew.. more than 15 hours after he went missing.the teenagers say.. at first they couldn't believe ?they? were the ones who spotted him. 3 29-34"we think we found the child that is missing. okay, where are you right now?we're in the middle of a corn field." 00-11 "few times walking through the field, i just looked over at adam, i was like....what is happening?" "yeah likeno talking to us, you know like i knew it was him." him." 3 andrew was wet and cold.. but otherwise okay.after a brief trip to the hospital he was sent home. 3 experts say... what happened with the boy... is ?common? in the autism's called "wandering" -- leaving a safe, supervised area... and going into one that ?could be dangerous.?studies show... the behavior ?frequently ends in
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hopes... ?awareness? will bring ?more? of these cases to a peaceful end. 1:11-1:23 we're not dealing with some parents who weren't doing their job not dealing with a naughty boy we're dealing with a family and a child with a disability." disability." 3 the autism society of southeast wisconsin... offers a number of ?programs... support groups... and resources? for families. 3 this weekend local law enforcement will duke it out to raise money for charities that benefit families who have autism."battle of the police from four area counties. proceeds support autism programs at the easter seals of southeast wisconsin. the fight for autism is this saturday at case high school in racine.we have more information on our website.. cbs 58 dot com. leading local community groups say... the milwaukee police department ?must improve? its community relation. relations.31-42 "we need more than just additional police to address the issues. i've had both positive and negative experiences with police myself, this is with both
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more of what they have begun to do, to work w community to solve the many problems that vex and traumatie youth children and 3adults." adults." the comments came during the first of ?several? public hearings on a new ?safety proposal.?the complete "draft".... is available online.the ?next? meeting for the public... is saturday at "marshall high school." fighting to survive being shot. shot.18-year-old alexander melchert is in critical condition this morning. officials say a 25-year-old ohio man shot melchert at- random... at a highway rest stop just north of columbus. melchert is from neenah... and attends the college of wooster-- a small school outside of akron. 3 3 ((???1:45 seconds??))
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3 3 percent. precipitation 50
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chance of precipitation 50
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people from cuba to the carolinas... are getting ready for the ?potential impact? of hurricane matthew. the powerful category "four" storm... is already blamed for at least ?three? haiti--- people are bracing for ?mudslides?... storm surge... and up to 40 inches of rain.matthewl ?north?... to eastern cubathe storm has winds around 140 miles per hour.the united states is ?carefully? watching the forecast. "i have declared a state of emergency for 66 counties in central and eastern north carola carolina "our goal is to be over-prepared and hopefully und. underwhelmed. 3 the governor of ?florida?... also announced a "state of emergency" for ?every? county ahead of the storm. 3 in campaign 2016...the stage
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virginia- today... for the first and only vice presidential debate of the campaign season. season.the event between "mike pence" and "tim kaine"... will air ?right here? on cbs. "craig boswell" has a preview. mike pence took aim at hillary clinton's record as secretary of state... at a campaign event in virginia -- tim kaine's home turf:(sot mike pence) our allies are less secure, our enemies are more embolden and that all changes the day that donald trump becomes presidentboth vice presidential nominees are expected to go to great lengths defending their running mates tonight... something professor bill harbour of longwood university says could prove harder for the indiana governor: governor:. bill harbour/ political science professor, longwood university) given some of the controversies in the newspapers recently about trump's tax returns and other issues he's raised about the private lives of various people in public life, i think maybe mike pence maybe has a tougher job here in terms of making up for some lost ground pence also sought to make light of trump's recent
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mike pence) now he said this, we can parse that, he tweeted this...and the think they finally got him and then they turn on the television the next day, and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before. before.raig boswell cbs news farmville, virginia) tonight's vice presidential showdown here in farmville comes a little over a week after the first presidential debate... and in the first cbs news poll taken since that debate...clinton now has a four-point lead nationally over her republican rival. tonight, the virginia senator will try to keep the momentum on clinton's side.(sot tim kaine) you know, just gotta for their second presidential debate this sunday in missouri. craig boswell cbs news farmville, virginia. clinton has ?two? campaign stops in ?pennsylvania? today. trump campaigns in ?colorado and arizona.? 3 donald trump is coming back to wisconsin. the republican presidential nominee will be here this details on where just yet. yet.trump's son-- donald junior-- will be in brookfield
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will campaign for hillary clinton in both madison and green bay. and chelsea clinton.. who was just in green bay last friday.. is coming back to wisconsin on monday. we're still waiting for the details of that visit. milwaukee area leaders announced their plans to remove the estabrook dam. includes re-zoning the land surrounding the dam.. then selling it to the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district for one-dollar.m-m-s-d would then remove it.milwaukee county board chairman theodore lipscomb calls the plan county executive chris abele is going around the legislative branch of government to get his way.the d-n-r says it would cost more than 4 million dollars to repair the dam. 3 3 looking ahead--- there's a community planning workshop today... for "parks with purpose." information gathered will support the ?two major park planning efforts? underway in milwaukee county--- the 10-year parks system ?master plan?.... and the 20- 50 "park & open space plan." the workshop is at "mccarty park" starting at 6:30 tonight. there's also a
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on clark street. 3 looks like eddie lacy is coming to our area next week. he tweeted this.. yesterday morning.what's your favorite video game? campbell's chunky is bringing me to meijer in wauwatosa next tuesday to play you in mine. campbell's chunky soup recently named lacy the head of its "everyman all-star league" campaign... which is like a reverse fantasy football league for n-f-l players. 3 3 3 3 coming up--- a possible breakthrough for h-i-v treatmen. treatment. plus one person is hurt after a car slams into a retirement home.we'll tell you where it happened.
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a live look over ..... on
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cbs 58 news time is ?????.this is a ?live? look at ??????. 3 3 making ?news from around the nation?--- a car ?crashes into a retirement home? in florida. it happened in ?lan-tana, florida? over the weekend.the car went more than half way
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the retirement home was hurt--- but one person inside the car was taken to a hospital. 3 a moving company in austin, texas is reportedly facing a fine after a failed attempt to move an entire duplex over the . weekend.the home turned out to be too wide for the residential got stuck in the roadway.. causing damage to utility lines, a telephone pole -- as well as trees and landscaping. officials say the company didn't have the permit required to move the home. neighbors aren't happy about the inconvenience. fresh from glory in rio--- active duty olympians and para- lympians were honored at the pe. pentagon.nearly two dozen athletes were in attendance -- getting handshakes from defense secretary ash carter-- who called each of them an inspiration to every american. 16 olympians, four paralympians and three coaches from this year's games also serve in our armed forces. 3 3 in your health'll soon be able to find the medication that can counteract drug overdoses-- over-the-counter... at a
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yesterday... it will stock ?naloxone.?the drug has become a tool in reversing overdoses caused by heroin and opiates. the company says you can find it at 70 pick n save, metro market and copp's pharmacy locations. and you can buy it ?without a prescription. 3 we're closing in on "flu season" -- but some medical experts say... you should consider ?waiting? before getting vaccinated -- especially if you're older. that's because doctors aren't sure... ?how long? flu shots protect you.the c-d-c recommends everyone ?six months and r? shot ?by the end of october.? but some experts believe... people over the age of 65 should ?wait a bit longer.? 3 a british man may be the first person ever to be cured of the h-i-v virus.researchers say they're using a "kick and kill" technique... which uses a vaccine to train the immune system to spot hidden h-i-v proteins.then --- they use another drug to "kick "the dormant t-cells awake -- allowing the immune system to kill h-i-v infected cells.the
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already one man has tested h-i-v free. still ahead this morning--- starbucks employees get an ?early christmas gift.? 3 plus.. a new restaurant is serving up delicious meals... to an unlikely clientele... dogs!that story- next! 3
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs.
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so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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today...partly sunny. areas of fog in the morning. highs in the upper 60s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. patchy fog after midnight. lows around 60. southea .wednesday...mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light showers and thunderstorms. highs in the lower 70s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. .wednesday
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percent chance of light rain
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in this morning's money watch report...the united kingdom will start the formal process of leaving the european union in march... and could be fully separated by 20-19. 20-19. the british prime minister made the announcement... to try to curb ?financial uncertainty? in england and abroad. but -- the pound ?fell by one percent? yesterday... following the announcement. 3 two rivals in outdoor retail are getting together. bass pro shops will acquire cabela's for five-and-a-half billion doll 85 stores -- including one in richfield -- with 19-thousand all.. bass pro shops has 20-thousand workers in 99-stores.cabela's had been falling behind smaller competitors and online retailers.. forcing a decision late last year to sell or re- organize. 3 starbucks has long been known... to be ?one of the more generous companies?... when it comes to paying its they're getting ?another? wage bump--- anywhere from five percent to
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?all? 157-thousand starbucks employees.according to the salary tracking website--- glassdoor-dot-com--- floor employees average ?nine-35 an hour.?shift supervisors average ?more than 11 dollars an hour.? 3 an interesting new public-private partnership is unfolding in new jersey.the city of summit is now subsidizing ?uber rides? to and from the train station.its ?free? for low-income residents... and two dollars for anybody officials say the program will save taxpayers five-million dollars over 20 years. some people in the milwaukee-area... have some ?extra cash?... thanks to the wisconsin lottery.a menomonee falls man won ?150-thousand dollars? in a powerball drawing last month.he matched four numbers and the powerball--- plus he chose the 'power play' option... to increase his winnings. the lucky winner bought his ticket at the "speedway" on church street in franklin franklinand--- a west allis
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last month.she won ?50- thousand dollars.?she bought her winning ticket at the "pick 'n save" on national avenue in west allis. 3 3 3 3 a drive-thru restaurant ?for dogs? has opened up in pennsylvania. "bane and vader's" opened its doors saturday in northampton
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furry friends. owners can pick out ?various meats... veggies... and fruits? for their dogs--- as well as--- add a few items for ?taste and preference.? (amanda brown-steiner/owner, bane and vader's)"i just wanted a place that could be just for them and that would just cater to them and their needs. it's all fresh pet so it's all fresh meats and fruits and vegetables." vegetables." and vegetables." vegetables." 3 hopes to expand her business across the region. 3 3 3
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five. 3 as milwaukee addresses public safety... an out-of-state police department is in the city recruiting. the cbs 58
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good morning everyone. it's tuesday, october 4-th.i'm jessica tighe..
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here's what we're working on this morning... the milwaukee bucks take a stand of solidarity.we'll show you what the team did at their pre- season opener... during the national anthem. anthem.but first--- can we get another nice day?everyone was soaking up the sun and warmth yesterday... let's find out if we'll see it return. meteorologist "michael schlesinger" has your forecast. 3 3 3 tz)))today...partly sunny. areas of fog in the morning. highs in the upper 60s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. patchy fog after midnight. lows around 60. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .wednesday...mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light showers and thunderstorms. highs in the lower 70s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. a 30 percent chance of light rain showers and thunderstorms after midnight. lows in the upper 50s. south winds up to 5 mph. .thursday...mostly cloudy. light rain showers likely and chance of thunderstorms in the morning...then chance of light rain showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. highs in the lower 70s. south winds up to 10 mph. chance of precipitation 60 percent. .thursday night...showers and chance of thunderstorms. lows in the lower 60s. chance of precipitation 80 percent. .friday...mostly cloudy. chance of light rain showers and slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning...then chance of light rain showers in the afternoon.


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